Recommended by veterinarians since 2008

Since 2013, when we received the prestigious Dr Marthy Becker award handed by veterinarians and their peers, Aïkiou has worked with veterinarians promoting behavioural enrichment.  Our products help reduce weight, behavioural and digestion issues.

Aïkiou products in Zoo Environments

Zookeepers spend lots of time looking for behavioural enrichment products.  It happens that many zoos like the Zoo Ecomuseum located in Montreal, Quebec uses it to help their animals spend their time while eating.  The Aïkiou is based on the same science and can help pets live a full and enriching life.


Recommended by veterinarians for weight control

Turning a pets meal into a game greatly helps reduce ingestion speed.  This will help him eat less and maintain a healthy weight while reducing digestive problems.

Recommended by behaviourists and pet specialists to provide activity

Providing an activity during meal help reduce destructive behaviours and alleviate boredom that leads to depression and agression.

Dog behaviourist

Trusted by Zookeepers for behavioural enrichment

Behavioural enrichment is essential for animals in captivity and Zoos trust Aïkiou for their quality and proven pet products.  Designed by behaviourists for behaviourists.

Since 2008, we have been delivering to stores and distributors in the pet market

Provider of unique pet products for pet store owners and customers

Aïkiou and pet specialists, a success story

Started in our garage in 2008, Aïkiou has since become a success story.  Specialists agree the many benefits of our feeders for both health and activity.

Aikiou first dog puzzle toys

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