Meet the best

cat interactive feeder Thin Kat


Polypropylene inner tube

Polypropylene base

Flexible leaf




eating should never be boring Thin Kat Lets Your Cat Think While Eating

The Aïkiou cat interactive feeder is made by the same company who gave you the Aïkiou dog interactive feeder.  Designed with the cats wellbeing in mind, it is comprised of 2 tubes where your cats can dig with their paws.  Once out, the food can fall under the leafs where your cat can search and play with their food.


your cat searching for food Like nature intended

In nature, cats devote a large part of their day foraging and searching for their food.  It’s in your cats nature to search for his food.


The Thin Kat feeder is comprised of 2 TPR flowers which are flexible and makes it fun to look under for your cat.  They can move around and be more dynamic.


The inner tube of the flower is made out of polypropylene, which is safe for cats since it’s human food grade like all of our products.


Made out of 100% food grade plastic, this base can hold up to 2.5 cups of food for your cats delight.  You can fit in a full meal which your dog can enjoy during the whole day.

More than a game

eating naturally stop gulping your food

Cats should eat at a slower speed to benefit from their meal both mentally and physically.  Eating too fast could cause some issues with your dog going from stomach torsion to basic digestion and as such, the use of an interactive feeder is strongly recommended by veterinarians.


Our Hexa dog slow feeder is made from human food safe plastics only and are bound to entertain your cat during mealtime.

stop feeding your cat the old way IT'S TIME FOR HIM TO HAVE FUN WHILE EATING

Eating out of an old cat bowl is not of actuality anymore.  Using a cat interactive feeder is the best gift you can give your cat.  He will eat at a slower pace and will have so much more fun.