Thin Kat interactive cat feeder

The Thin Kat is designed to keep cat entertained during mealtime. Because they should not eat at a free buffet, this feeder lets them search and work for their food, exploring their environment. This makes it a fun and challenging game for them which keeps them active and healthy.

Made from human food grade plastics exempt of BPA and BHT

Helps reduce weight issues

Reduce ingestion speed

Flexible leafs
Wet food
Dig pit
Food chute

Make dinner fun again

Searching for food provides a much needed activity for the cats. It not only helps them stay active, it also exploits their innate behaviour to hunt and search for food.

Reasons to choose this feeder

Help with a weight issue

My cat needs activity

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My cat regurgitates

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My cat eats too fast

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My vet recommended it

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Using an interactive feeder is good for the body and the soul

Quality you'd expect

We are pet owners too so our first priority is the safety of our pets and yours. We take every precaution to design and manufacture products from the best materials we can find. As such, all our plastics are human food grade.

Natural instinct
Hunting for food is natural and essential for your cat. It helps them live a better life, filled with challenge and activity, like in nature.
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Human food grade
We only use human food grade plastic, no BPA or BHT
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Part of our lives
Cats have been part of our lives for thousand years. But they have natural needs that keeps them balanced and healthy and food foraging is one of them. This is why it is recommended by veterinarians since many years.
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What sets us apart

Aïkiou is not just another company. We created the first interactive feeder 10 years ago and we still create new and beautiful products. We want them to fit in your decor and be useful for your pets both for their mental and physical wellbeing.

TPR flexible leaf

The leaf are there so that your cat needs to move around more to get access to his food. He will have to lay down and grab the food from underneath which is good to promote activity and reduce ingestion speed.

Eating should be fun and challenging

Foraging for food

Cats like to search with their paws for food. So we developed a feeder designed so that cats can explore their innate behaviours. Using their paws, they can grab the food hidden inside the tubes. This helps reduce their ingestion speed and lets them have fun during mealtime.

Eat in a fun new way

Specifications and features

We make sure everything is safe and adapted to your cat needs. This goes from using the best materials to being eco responsible from manufacturing up to your door.

Made from human food grade plastics exempt of BPA and BHT

Designed to promote foraging and innate behaviours when eating

Leafs made of TPR so they are flexible for a lot more fun and engagement

4 rubber foots to prevent slipping on the floor and keep it stable

Recommended by veterinarians and behaviourists to help with weight and behavioural issue


11X11X3 inches


Leafs: Human food grade TPR

Base: Human food grade polypropylene


Corrugated cardboard box

Food type

Dry and wet food

Cat size

Fits all size

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