The Cat Network

PO Box 347228
Miami, Fl 33234


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The Cat Network:

The Cat Network is dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of stray and feral cats in South Florida through the humane practice of sterilization, vaccination, and release. Through our membership-based network, thousands of cats and kittens have been spared a life of neglect, cruelty, or euthanization. We offer a low cost spay and neuter program and a community of support to help you help homeless cats.

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About the Cat Network:

We are a grass-roots organization with over 2,500 volunteer and donor members. Our members have trapped and sterilized over 51,000 stray and abandoned cats and have adopted out over 7,000 cats since our inception in December of 1995. Our mission to make everyone aware of this huge community problem and to be proactive in fighting it by spaying and neutering pets and strays, alike. We encourage the public to adopt stray and abandoned cats as indoor-only pets and practice responsible ownership. We also mediate with planned communities and multi-family developments to enact TNR (trap/neuter/release) efforts rather than extermination of stray cats on their properties. Through combined efforts with other local animal agencies we are working to make South Florida a No-Kill community. We also cooperate with and assist other local governmental agencies in animal hoarder situations.
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  • Shelter cats:The Cat Network does not shelter cats but helps by holding neuter clinics for more than 600 cats per year.

  • Neuter Clinics:These are always moving to reach people who need it the most. Visit their website to find one in your region.

  • Adoption Clinics:Visit their website to find an adoption clinic in your region.

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AïKiou donation program:

With Aïkiou shelter help program, you can send this shelter some of our products to help prevent boredom in shelters. Just click on the link below or copy it to you website so that everyone can help.
You can also copy the QR code to add to your marketing documentation to invite people to donate products to this shelter. Or just share the following link on your website:

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Click here to help to help by donating AïKiou products to this shelter…

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Referral program:

The AïKiou referral program was put in place to help shelter finance part of their operations. By using this link, you can buy AïKiou product while helping your local shelter while 10% of the proceeds of the sales is returned to that shelter.
You can help this shelter by using this QR in your documentation or share the following link in your social media:

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A small gesture can change a pets life. Click here to donate 10% of this sale to this shelter and make a difference…

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