great product

It has helped my dog eat slower. She enjoys the puzzle a lot!

great product for half the price

I love this food dispenser, my dog does too. It's half the price of other designer's product, but work just as well. Easy to clean and fill. Not too difficult for my dog to get to the food. The difficult ones get him too frustrated. I use it instead of dog bowl now, as it holds the whole meal.

Perfect for slowing down the dog!

My puppy would eat her normal bowl of food in under 30 seconds. This bowl challenges her and keeps her occupied for over 2 minutes. I'm so impressed with it! I even put treats in it sometimes; it makes her take the time to figure out how to reach the prize.

Mentally Stimulating

My dog has had slow feed bowl after slow feed. This slow feeder is the only one that has slowed him down and he treats it like a puzzel!

Accurate description of the feeder

My 8yr old Rescued Dachshund used to eat his food, as if he did not inhale it, it would disappear. Now with his new dish, I give him his dry dog food in one feeding and his wet/canned food in his second feeding. This has worked out to be the best way to control his speed in eating his food. I smear the wet food around the compartments so he spends time licking up every morsel. This has solved the feeding issue. Thank you for this great dog feeder.


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Ryan King
Founder & CEO
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Excellent training tool

This is the second Aikiou Dog Interactive Feeder that I've purchased. The first one immediately got my first dog to stop digging in the back yard. This time, our new puppy hasn't completely stopped digging just yet, but she has dramatically slowed down. By having to 'dig' for their food in the interactive feeder bowls, they are getting the instinct to dig out of their systems.

Slows feeding and makes it fun

It definitely slows my labs feeding and he lives movie the pieces around and hunting for his food. Its sometimes hard for him to get really small pieces at the bottom and you have to supervise use or it will be destroyed. I love it though.

Helpful for longer eating time

We found a puppy (approx 2 months old) who was very thin and starving. Took him immediately to the vet office and they gave him nutritious food in small increments to get him back to health. He inhales his chow, almost like a vacuum cleaner, and has had a couple of vomiting episodes. To help slow him down we purchased the Aikiou interactive dish. He learned quickly how to get the food from the compartments, but it does take him somewhat longer to eat. We would recommend this product.

Cindy 1947
Good for slowing eating down

We have a 15 lb. puppy and purchased this when he was 3 months old. Although the first day or two he had some difficulty, he quickly learned how to get the food and seems to enjoy the challenge. It definitely helped to slow down his attempt to inhale his food. It is also great for an activity when he needs to be distracted. I like to give him half of his meal and then save the other half for a half hour or hour later.