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We revolutionize the way pets eat today.  Our success has been driven by the recommendations of many professionals from the pet industry.

  • Both of my dogs absolutely love this item. My male dog always got really bored when just eating from a regular bowl, but now he has a lot more fun eating! It's not too difficult for the dogs to figure out, but it gives them more of a challenge when they eat. This item is perfect for high energy dogs that need a bit more mental stimulation in the day! It acts like a foraging toy, so they feel like they are working for their food. Overall, this product has really made feeding my dogs a lot more fun for them, while pacing them so they don't eat too quickly. It's also very durable! I'd highly recommend this item.

    Skyler Customer
  • This interactive feeder has accomplished the task of slowing my food gobbling dog down so he doesn't bloat. We have many to switch out and challenge his ability and this one hits the top mark. Easy to clean, easy to fill, it has added the the right amount of challenge to slow down my chow hound.

  • Only used once so far, and we were happy with the results. Our Aussie spent about 15 minutes finding food from all the compartments. She will most likely increase her speed, yet it does take time and kept her occupied. I imagine we will use it more frequently in winter.

  • Our beagle/something mix gobbles food so quickly we can barely sit down to our dinner, before he’s ready to beg! We’ve tried other dishes, but this paw dish has been a great success. He figured out how to get the food, but it keeps him entertained and eating with some breaks. It is sturdy and easy to clean. Oh, and Webster likes to pick it up and carry it around. Give it a try to slow down your gobbling pup!

  • I bought this mostly as a way to hopefully slow my dog down from eating too quickly. It certainly does that, but he also enjoys playing with it to get at his food. He figured out how to move the compartment covers pretty quick, so there was no worry about him not being able to eat.

  • Purchased this bowl for our quick eater, it's solved the problem immediately.

  • I bought this as a toy to keep my dogs entertained when I needed quiet and to keep my 45lb lab-mix from inhaling her food. Not only has she slowed down on the munching, she also burns off some energy chasing it around the room. As other reviews have mentioned, it does slide across the floor easily. My 'picky eater' GSD is interested in it, but not enough to use for meals. He tends to try to pick it up and turn it over when I get him to 'find' treats in the little compartments.

    Mels Customer
  • A friend told me about this product and I immediately made the purchase. My dog eats so fast he doesn't even chew his food - just swallows. Unfortunately this does not make him chew his food, but it definitely slows him down, which is what we wanted. It took him a few feedings to figure it out but now he knows what to do. I can't say he enjoys it or has fun when he's eating, but I feel better about the pace which he is eating. You definitely need space for the container as it is rather large. And you want it on a non-slip surface or you may find your dog pushing it all over the place trying to get into the compartments.

    Derouenjr Customer
  • We have a 15 lb. puppy and purchased this when he was 3 months old. Although the first day or two he had some difficulty, he quickly learned how to get the food and seems to enjoy the challenge. It definitely helped to slow down his attempt to inhale his food. It is also great for an activity when he needs to be distracted. I like to give him half of his meal and then save the other half for a half hour or hour later.

    Susan Customer
  • We found a puppy (approx 2 months old) who was very thin and starving. Took him immediately to the vet office and they gave him nutritious food in small increments to get him back to health. He inhales his chow, almost like a vacuum cleaner, and has had a couple of vomiting episodes. To help slow him down we purchased the Aikiou interactive dish. He learned quickly how to get the food from the compartments, but it does take him somewhat longer to eat. We would recommend this product.

    Cyndy1947 Customer

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