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We revolutionize the way pets eat today.  Our success has been driven by the recommendations of many professionals from the pet industry.

  • As a dog trainer, I am always on the lookout for tools that can stimulate dogs by offering an activity that meets their various needs. There are toys on the market that meet a dog’s need to chew and the need for physical activity, but none that meet the need for mental stimulation and the hunt for food. I tested the Aïkiou® on my dogs and can confirm that it stimulates them as they figure out how to get to the food under the wheel and behind the different doors. This product therefore helps meet part of your dog’s daily food hunting needs in addition to helping prevent digestion problems by slowing the rate of food ingestion.

    Jean Lessard Dog Behaviourist
  • According to Dr. Joël Dehasse, Veterinary Behaviourist and internationally recognized author and speaker: Dogs need an average 3 to 5 hours of activity each day. Sadly, this need is not met in 80% of family pets living in the city. Any type of complementary activity would be welcome. The most effective activities revolve around food: chewing a bone or a treat-stuffed rubber toy (Kong) or playing a challenging food game, as offered by the Aïkiou®. I talk at length about this product on my site and in my latest books, including Mon chien est heureux (Odile Jacob 2009) and Tout sur la psychologie du chien (Odile Jacob 2009). For your dog’s wellbeing, I recommend that you provide fun, enjoyable and stimulating activity… The Aïkiou can help you do so.

    Dr. Joël Dehasse Veterinary Behaviourist
  • After our meeting and the presentation of your Aïkiou bowl, I would like to reiterate my interest in your project. The behavioural enrichment of pets is often overlooked by owners and canine professionals. Luckily, things are changing thanks to products like yours. The Aïkiou bowl’s design integrates sought-after elements that allow dog owners to keep their animals busy in the framework of their daily activities. I will not hesitate to recommend your product to anyone wanting to improve the well-being of their dog or cat.

    Patrice Robert Dog Behaviourist
  • The Aïkiou bowl, what an interesting product! As the owner of a dog centre (boarding, boutique, grooming and obedience training), I can tell you that this product will be great for many people and their dogs. I am often asked how to keep dogs from eating too quickly. Placing balls in their bowl can help, but too often, the solution is only temporary. Being very smart animals, dogs quickly learn to remove the balls before eating. I believe that the Aïkiou bowl can have other uses. Since our centre uses only positive training methods and we encourage the dogs to take initiative, it could be very useful, especially in our puppy pens. I will gladly use it to check a puppy’s level of curiosity, patience and willingness to learn and then to develop its independence. I intend to purchase several of these bowls for the dogs we board. The Aïkiou could be a good solution for certain dogs that get bored and look for things to do while waiting their turn to go outside.

    Marilyn Tremblay Dog Behaviourist
  • Dr. Martin Godbout, Veterinarian, MSc, DACVB (only 47 veterinarians worldwide are doing this specialty from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists)) Most of an animal's daily activities serve their basic needs such as survival, reproduction and foraging. These activities require regular physical exercise and provide continual mental stimulation that allows the animal to achieve a physiological balance. The lifestyle we have chosen for our domestic dogs unfortunately leaves no room for these different vital stimulations. By controlling their environment, reproduction and diet, we are pushing some dogs to find another way to meet their needs. In fact, some individuals who are less equipped to support this inadequate lifestyle will develop behaviors deemed inappropriate for cohabitation with humans. Others will even go as far as developing major behavior disorders. The easiest way to give back to our animals the balance lost during domestication is to mentally stimulate them to obtain their food. The brand new Aïkiou bowl provides this kind of mental stimulation necessary for their well-being. Hats off to this innovative company who, through their interactive bowl, offers the dog age a first level of mental stimulation!

    Dr. Martin Godbout Veterinarian, MSc, DACVB
  • I want to bring to your attention that I have been looking for a smart toy for several years to avoid bulimia and to satisfy a basic need of the familiar dog. Certainly there are many products on the market but none, according to my experiences, reach the search for food using the senses. The dog is primarily a predator and his initial motivation is foraging. He must then use his primary senses such as olfaction and vision to find his food. This toy helps fill this need. Moreover, the familiar dog is often without activity. Normally he has to sleep 35% and the other behavior like foraging 65% of a day. Owners' schedules and other constraints do not allow to maintain a state of awakening or a normal intellectual work. This toy will be an interesting avenue because the dog must develop a dexterity and a resolution of a problem to satisfy himself. In return I believe that the toy can reduce a lot of dysfunctional anxiety. As an ethologist, I can assure you that this product will be very useful to avoid certain dysfunctions. I support this product and I congratulate the initiative.

    Richard Beaudet Ethologist

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