Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play

Love this product with it’s bright colours and I like the fact that parts are not detachable.  Only down side I feel is risky are the moving leaves which could be bitten off by a dog. That said, really nice product and I love it overall.


A nice product if you like variation.  It includes several games in one and I like it.  You have turning wheels, blockers and other such devices which is really cool.

Dogs Casino


This is not my favorite one since the drawers can be used by the dogs to flip it but a nice one.  Also, always thought those little bones were easy to pick up and chew but I am used to let my dog toys out while I’m away.  The little drawers can also be difficult […]

Hide and Slide

One of the good ones out there.  I like the fact that the different parts cannot be removed so there is less of a chocking hazard which is something I always appreciate in a design.  Nina Ottossen products are amongst the ones I prefer I have to be honest.

Challenge Slider

This one is a great product.  It’s challenging enough for any breed or size pet and an interesting one to challenge your pets brain.  It’s mainly done for treats and I would not recommend it for feeding or unattended play due to small parts size.