a canadian pet supplies manufacturer

For 10 years, Aïkiou has been designing and manufacturing unique pet supplies for independent pet stores and distributors around the world.  Our network includes local and franchise pet stores and veterinarians clinics.

Canadian pet supplies

We manufacture and design every Aïkiou products

Professionals seek our expertise because we take time in manufacturing safe products designed by professional behaviourist. With our expertise in animal health and collaboration with animal psychologist we develop innovative pet supplies yearly.

with the highest standard of the pet industry

Aïkiou product line is made of polypropylene that does not contain BPA nor BHT.  Like polyethylene, these two plastique do not contain such contaminants.We understand that using polypropylene that is Human Food Grade does slightly affect our pricing but we prefer avoiding harming any pets lives.  Aïkiou priority is the wellbeing and safety of pets.

a growing network of distributors around the world

Aïkiou is always considering partnering with the right people and organizations to retail and distribute it’s line of products. We value our growing dealer network and strive to support, develop and retain our dealers by promoting them, making excellent products and keeping you, our customers, the center of our focus.

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