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Since 2008, we take care to design first-class products to meet the needs of your customers.

Aïkiou “IQ” introduced the first interactive bowls on the market in 2008. Our goal is to offer products of the highest quality to your customers. Products that meet the needs of your customers’ dogs and cats, which are designed and created with care to meet their natural needs. You will find unique and innovative products that will meet the needs of your customers and their families.

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Contact us for more information or if you have special requests on our products. We are always listening to help.  Call us today 1-877-4AIKIOU ext 210.

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Get the products that your customers love quickly at an affordable price. With minimums of $ 100 per purchase and a shipping cost for as little as $ 5 per order.

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Offer unique products to your customers. As manufacturers, we know how important it is to be unique and to listen to our customers just like you.

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safe for pets

All our products are manufactured from human food grade Plastics free of BPA and BHT.


Patented in 2008, the Aïkiou represents the first interactive bowl ever created for dogs. It helps promote exercise and healthy eating.

Puzzle feeders

Proud of its innovations Aïkiou manufactures dog puzzle feeders and cat activity centers since its very beginnings.

Who we are?

Our company was founded by Kathleen Desrosiers, an animal health technician in 2008. We are a private Canadian company based in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec. Our goal is to develop products that respect the natural needs of animals of the highest quality. Our concepts are useful and attractive to your customers and we love what we do just like you!

What we stand for



Boredom is one of the major cause for pets being surrendered to shelters. It can lead to destructive behaviours and weight issues. Together, we can change things and get pets a new challenge which can change their life.



We keep a nice inventory of all our products. These are designed by our team and we own the moulds, patents and have our own quality control team investigating all our productions before it leaves the factory.



Aïkiou is a family company.  My wife started it 9 years ago and we are sole owners.  We do not belong to a large corporation or have investors to refer to.  Our goal is to change things with your help.

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