Good Morning America

On this 27th of December 2011, Aikiou got the chance to be presented as one of the Good Morning America list of best products for 2011. out of a thousand products, we had a chance to be one of the 10 best products. We would like to thank everybody at GMA for their confidence and we are pleased to see that our products are liked by so many people. Thank you,

Interview with the designer

J'entreprend.ca is a website specialised on helping the young entrepreneurs realize their dreams of starting their own business. We had the chance of making the panel to speak about our experience in starting a new business. Thank you for the chance to tell our story,

Dr Marthy Becker Tour

Aikiou is happy to have been a sponsor of Dr Marty Becker US tour. With the help of their sponsors, they managed to raise more than 70 000$ in products for the shelters. Thank you for making us part of it,

Janet Mc Culley on Animal Planet

Aikiou has been participating on Daily Treats on Animal Planet for the release of the Aikiou and Christmas 2010. Thank you for thinking of us

PR Web

With pet obesity and weight problems on the rise, AÏkiou (IQ) Company takes in a new approach. With it's bowl already described as a new revolution in pet feeding by most of the behaviorists, Aïkiou is creating a new trend. These bowls called food activity centers not only reduce the chance of weight problems, it also helps cats and dogs to calm themselves by having a healthy food searching experience.

Ça se branche où?

Ça se branche où?'' is a TV show on new technologies and gadget aimed at consumers. They speak about new products that are hitting the shelves and having a utility for their owners.