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Perfection comes in small packages.  Not only can you play with your cat but you can also program games for them via your phone.  You can instal one or many devices on the same network so they can interact with your cat.  You can use more than one dispenser in order to have your cat run  looking for his toys and food.  This helps him stay alert by having him play with his food during the time you are at work.

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It’s easy to use and to setup.  Just connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and connect the different feeders and toys and the system will do the rest.  You can setup a game experience or simply use it to distribute food from home or the office via the Web Interface and you’ll have a completely new experience.

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We are currently working on the final phase of the interface.  Time to send in your request so we can make this system perfect.  Of course, our priority is also that the system can be updated at any time easily so you can stay up to date at any time.

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Using Bluetooth technology, the different components of this environment communicate together while creating different games and interactions in order to keep your cat occupied.  Since we know that cats need to eat small meals during the day, they will have the pleasure to run and play for their food.  Almost limitless, you can have a thousand devices connected to the same system either for dogs or cats.

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