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10% of your purchase will be donated to Les Chiens Togo

About Aïkiou

Our Mission

 Since our very beginnings, our mission is to help pets to live a healthy life while respecting their natural needs. Produce quality products that meet their needs.

How Can We Make A Difference

10% of your purchases will be donated to the foundation of your choice to help improve the quality of life of animals in shelters. This contribution will help meet the needs of animals waiting for a new family.

About Les Chiens Togo

Their mission

Les chiens Togo was born because its founder, Noémie Labbé-Roy had a dream. Her dream was to find a special way to help people living with serious difficulties affecting their quality of life.

Noémie has a bachelor’s degree in psychoeducation and a certificate in psychology. Knowing that half a million animals are abandoned every year in Quebec, it was clear to her and her team that they had to choose those abandoned dogs. We are specialized in psychological assistance. That is why many of our team members are certified professionals in psychology, psychoeducation and specialized education.

At Les Chiens Togo, we can count on a qualified team that trains our dogs using positive reinforcement, a very important aspect for us. Every dog is trained with a personalized approach so it can best serve its human with an ASD, PTSD, AD, OD or an ADD/ADHD diagnosis*. *Autism spectrum disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, oppositional disorder or attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity.

From rescue dogs to Service Dogs

Every dog is trained with a personalized approach so it can best serve its human with an ASD, PTSD, AD, OD or an ADD/ADHD diagnosis

Noémie Labbé Roy

Director Founder

Providence Godon

Head of Togo Canine Division

Paul St-George


Arianne Tavernier-Labrie

Social Innovation Consultant

Pascale Rabaraona

Specialized Educator and Togo Speaker

Francis Ardouin

Web Designer / Developer

Because every dog deserves a loving family

Every year, we re home many dogs after they received service dog training.

Prevent Obesity

All of our products are designed to help reduce obesity problems.

Puzzle Feeder

Dog and cat puzzle feeders let your pet work for food.

Giving Back

Aïkiou donates 10% of all purchase to a shelter in need.