How to identify dog breeds and their basic needs

Understanding your dog for a better relationship

Different dog breeds have different needs

you know your dog breeds but do you know your dog type?

The first thing people need to understand is that there are breeds but there are also types of dogs.  Yes, you heard me right, your dogs part of a family of breeds or a type if you prefer.  There are actually 7 of them and your dog is part of one or maybe more if you have a mix breed.  Now the fun part is to know which one it is or if you already know, what are his basic needs, the ones he has been breed for.

I know it’s something else but think about it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what your dog prefer to do or what it needs to do just by knowing which dog type he his.  It could enable you to have more fun, understand him better or make a better choice for you and your family when it comes to a new dog.

So here we go, follow me on this one and lets discover what your dog needs and the type of activity which is best suited for him.

Toy DOG breeds

Toy dog breeds are more recent.  They can be more energetic and are often smaller versions of other dog breeds.  They do need the same kind of activity then their lager counterparts.  You should look at the general breed in order to find their basic needs.  I know this is a weird answer but please look at the other breeds to find what they prefer.

Common breeds
Toys and feeders recommendation

herding dogs

Herding dogs are part of the dogs you need to keep occupied the most.  They are usually used to take care of the herds and as such are mostly really brillant dogs.  If you have a collie, german shepherd or cattle dog, be prepared to have fun.  Any game will do but the best games are the ones requiring speed and mouvement.  Keep them occupied, searching around the house, scatter the food around in the yard and you’ll have a perfect dog.

Mind games requiring high level problem solving skills are the best ones for them and you will be impressed by how fast they can understand the task at hand.

Common breeds
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Hound dogs

Hound dogs are used to dig and are really active.  These are the ones that will open a cushion just because the scent something in the inside.  Mind games are really fun for them especially if they can dig or search for food inside an entrapment.  Slow feeders are not made for them if they are not covered.  They will slow them but will not have the same effect regarding energy spending.

Common breeds
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working dogs

Working dogs are not as excited or as much speed oriented as Hound dogs but will require the same kind of activity where discovering a hidden treat or food will let them enjoy and express their natural tendency to work for food.

Common breeds
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sporting/non-sporting dogs

Sporting dogs will behave as hound dogs where non-sporting dogs will behave mostly like working dogs.

Common breeds sporting
common breeds non-sporting


The name says it all.  Dig, dig, dig.  They are used to dig for a prey and were designed as such.  Search mats and door games will be perfect for that kind of dogs.

Common breeds
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