Best hamster cages

Built for fun.  Perfect living space.

Create your own hamster cages with this building block system

What if you could create your own cage?  What would you do?

Change your hamster cages today.  Most hamster cages and mice cages are boring and have limits.  That cage lets you build your own cage as you see fit.  You can make it taller, longer, deeper…

Build with construction blocks

Many blocks to create several evironments for your hamster.  Finally a limitless cage

14X10 version showed

Expension kits available

With the expension kits, you can grow your cage to make more space for your hamster or mice.  So if you think your cage is too small, you can make it bigger without replacing it.

14X10 version showed

Plenty of viewing space

Though we have a large opened space in front of the cage, the top is opaque so it makes this environment less stressfull for small animals which are accustomed to close space in nature where they usually live.

22X10 version showed

Large and tall

Because some small animals like more headspace, you can also add floors to you cage. You can add more wheel panels or more bars depending on your taste and what you want to build.

22X10 version showed