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Thin Kat Interactive Feeder

Can my cat use the Thin Kat even if declawed?

Yes, the Thin Kat will work for any cat, declawed or not since the bottom is rounded to give more access and reduce pain when declawed.

Is the base non slippery?

Yes, there are 4 rubber feet under the base to keep it from sliding on the floor.

Is the plastic used safe for my cats?

Yes, we manufacture all our products from human food grade plastic.  You can get more information on plastic safety here…

My cat eats leafs from plants in the house, will this be an issue?

Yes, this can be an issue since some cats can have a preference to chew non organic products.  The Thin Kat leafs are flexible to prevent any harm when searching under so he could try to chew them if he has this pathology.

Should I use an interactive feeder instead of its normal feeder?

Yes, most veterinarians today recommend using an interactive feeder for its many benefits.  Most cats are used to eating several small meals in nature and their stomach is smaller for the same reason.  Gorging and eating too much can lead to several problems on the long run.

My cat has a weight problem, can this help?

Yes, definitively!  Most weight issues are due to the fact that cats dont feel satiety until 30 minutes later.  Slowing their eating and having them exercise during mealtime can greatly reduce cat weight issues.  That’s why most veterinarians recommend using the Thin Kat during mealtime.

My cat has a vomiting problem, can this help?

Yes, reducing their ingestion speed will greatly reduce this problem.  Within the past few year, we have had a 90% rate of efficiency when it comes to cats with regurgitation problems.

Aïkiou Interactive Dog Feeder

My dog has no behavioural problems. Why would he need the Aïkiou?

The Aïkiou is an interactive food bowl that helps meet part of your animal’s daily feeding and brain stimulation needs. Just because your dog is not misbehaving does not mean that he is not bored. Imagine a life with no challenges or stimulation. Would you be happy? Animals are very intelligent and need different types of stimulation. When you feed your dog from a conventional bowl, he will not have the pleasure and satisfaction of searching for and finding his food. In nature, animals spend a great deal of time each day on food-related activities: searching, hunting, catching and then tearing and chewing the food. Domestic animals spend only a few minutes each day eating. Some experience digestive problems because they swallow their food too quickly or have weight problems because they eat more than they need for their activity level.

I have several dogs. Can I use the Aïkiou?

Ideally, you should use one Aïkiou bowl for every dog. However, if they eat the same food, you can use the same bowl if this does not lead to fights. It can even become a game. If there are conflicts, it would be best to feed each dog separately.

My dog breaks all of his toys. I’m scared that he will chew on the Aïkiou bowl.

The Aïkiou is made of strong, food-grade plastic. However, there are few toys that are completely dogproof. As such, we advise you to supervise your dog during use if he has a tendency to destroy his toys.  If he becomes too excited, just remove it until he calms down and repeat again.

Must I remove all of the parts before I clean the Aïkiou bowl and how often should I clean it?

We recommend that you remove all of the parts (see maintenance section) before washing the bowl by hand or in the dishwasher. Those who feed dry food can clean the bowl at their convenience. Those who feed canned or raw food should clean it after each use.

How much food can I put in an Aïkiou feeder?

You can put up to 3 cups of food inside this feeder.  It was designed to fit a whole meal so it can be used during any lunch for small and large dogs.

Is the Aïkiou feeder plastic safe for my dog?

Yes, the Aïkiou feeder is made of human food grade polypropylene which is not containing any BHT nor BPA.  Also, it is less rigid than other plastics so it will not crack or make sharp edges.

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