In Design, Stimulo Cat Feeder

The Stimulo cat feeder was first made in 2011.  Since then, it evolved in being one of the best feeders for cats on the market.  In 2012, we decided to make it even better with a new design that made it easier to clean and with more additions to it.  After all these new modifications to upgrade our product, we felt it would be great to explain why we modified it.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs

When you create products like we do, it’s always important to be able to fulfill the needs of the ones you work with.  With the Stimulo, we need to replicate the way a cat chases a mouse and gets it out of its hole.  Thats why we use tube on this feeder so that cats need to use their paws to get to the kibbles that are hidden inside.

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