Why a dog puzzle feeder is better than a slow feeder

The difference between a dog slow feeder and a dog puzzle feeder

While a dog slow feeder will reduce speed of ingestion, a puzzle feeder will bring a new dimension to feeding your pets. Called behavioural enrichment by behaviourists, puzzle feeders by others. The facts stay the same, cats and dogs need to work both physically and mentally for their food.

This experience provide a healthy way of eating, slows down food ingestion and helps maintain the wellbeing of our pets both physically and intellectually.

These feeders turns a regular meal into a healthy feeding experience that will be fulfilling and rewarding for pets.

Enriching our pets lives is a responsibility

Boredom and weight problems have become epidemics.  With 58% of household pets being overweight, puzzle feeders are needed more than ever.  Puzzle feeders provide intellectual and physical activity which is most needed today.

About Aïkiou “IQ” interactive puzzle feeders

For 8 years, Aikiou “IQ”, a Canadien family owned company has been developing puzzle feeders for both dogs and cats.  they have appeared in many TV shows and magazines.  But most of all, all veterinarians agree that our products are by far more superior than any other products on the market.  As such, a dog feeder will let them dig for their food, respecting their natural needs.

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