Junior dog slow feeder

A dog slow feeder unlike any other.

Unlike any other dog slow feeder, the Junior is more of a puzzler feeder.  Typically, dog slow feeders only have spikes that will slow your dogs ingestion.  Unlike these, the Junior hides the food.  Its rotating cover turns to give access to the food which replicates a “digging” experience.

Easy to use.

Simply remove the cover and pour your dogs meal in.  This dog feeder can contain up to 2 and a half cup of food.  The closed center makes filling it as easy as 1-2-3.  It’s actually not different then using a standard slow feeder.  Just makes it more natural and entertaining for your dog.

Junior dog slow feeder with opened top

Dogs like to dig.

In nature, dogs actually bury part of their catch.  This is one of the main reasons why dogs like to dig so much.  Any smell will challenge their instinct and drives them to work. So hiding the food is just an added bonus when it comes to choosing the right dog slow feeder.

Aikiou has one of the best dog slow feeder.See the inside of the Junior dog slow feeder.

Need more challenge.

If your dog need a bigger challenge, you can put a tennis ball under the Junior dog slow feeder.  The bowl will now wobble and turn on its own to make it more difficult and challenging than any other dog slow feeder.  This is just a little bonus if you like to have fun.

For dogs who eat too fast, put a tennis bowl in your dog feeder

Size matters.

Aikiou Junior dog slow feeder dimensions
Junior dog slow feeder dimensions and particularities

Some Key Features


Your dog must first learn and search for his food making it fun to discover.

Dig in

Your dog has to move the lid like digging in the yard to get access to food


Like a search dog, smell of the hidden food will trigger his senses.


While small, openings are made so he will use his tongue and eat slower.

Weight Control

Your dog will learn to eat at a slower pace and get more healthy.

Dog bloating problem

Bloating is due to your dog eating too rapidly and can be reduced using a dog slow feeder.


Global Pet Expo Marty Becker award

Aikiou (IQ) was proud recipient of the prestigious Marty Becker award.  Amongst all, Aïkiou products where recognized as Best Product of The Year.  It was chosen for the many advantages it supplies and many health benefits including helping with weight control.


Kathleen Desrosiers

Founder and inventor

Out of necessity, Kathleen Desrosiers, a veterinarian technician and founder of Aikiou Company designed the first Aïkiou dog puzzle feeder.  Back in 2008, our dog was staying at home and developed bad behaviour out of boredom and needed a positive activity to do.

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Key features

Expert say that using an interactive feeder makes your dog spend 6X more energy than a standard activity.

Using a puzzle slow feeder will slow food ingestion more than any other slow feeder on the market.

Used with the proper food, interactive dog feeders are know to help reduce stress and health problems.