interactive feeders and toys for dogs and cats

Aikiou products are recognized by veterinarians for their weight loss benefits, by behaviorists to solve behavioral issues, and by pet owners to provide their animal with an activity to stimulate animal’s brains and senses.

The “science” behind Aïkiou products

Providing a food research activity to our animals reduces various problems such as anxiety, weight gain and digestive disorders. Since most animals today are more sedentary, it is essential to provide them with a period of work at meals in order to spend their surplus energy.

what you see is what you get

Here you will find quality pet supplies of the highest quality. Aïkiou has been designing and distributing quality pet products for nearly 10 years, always adhering to the highest quality standards available in the pet market.

premium service

We offer impeccable service, fast delivery and products of the highest quality. No plastics low-end or damaging to the health of animals, we want only the best.

big savings

With a retailer account, you will receive substantial discounts from displayed prices and access to our monthly specials on products in demand.

volume discount

Our online prices reflect market prices. When opening an account, you will have access to an online price list after wholesale discount offered to retailers.

order direct

You have direct access on the Web to order products that will be shipped directly from one of our warehouses in the US within 24 hours.

safe for the environment

Our products are made of new material approved for human consumption free of BPA and BHT. All products are recyclable and respect the environment.

free shipping

We do not impose minimum orders, try it, you’ll adopt us. All orders over $ 250 are shipped free of charge from our warehouse in the united states.

our locations

In order to better serve North American pet food stores, we are opening new service outlets that will allow us to deliver all available catalog pet supplies within 72 hours to the entire territory .

Aikiou wholesale locations

Reno, Nevada

New warehouse opened since June 2017.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

New warehouse opening March 2018.

Rochester, New York

New warehouse opening April 2018.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

New warehouse opening April 2018.

Fast and courteous service

Our aim is to provide you with quality pet supplies for your customers, in a timely and efficient manner.

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