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A discovery that will revolutionize the way to feed our dogs!

Australian archaeologists discovered the remains of an old dog 16 500 years perfectly preserved in the company of a strange artifact. animal bones were found during an archaeological dig in the Ganga Maya cave located in the Pilbara region in Western Australia.

By careful manipulation of the said object, the scientists discovered that it was indeed an interactive dog bowl. Radio carbon dating revealed that this artifact carved out of raw stone is older than 17,500 years.

This amazing scientific discovery proves how important it is for the dog to use an interactive bowl at meals. Australian experts believe that the dog was so fond are interactive bowl his guardians at the time mummified animals before burying with his favorite bowl.

They even discovered many walls in the etched and drawn cave where you are seen dogs eating in interactive bowls. Little conclude that the people of the time had at heart the welfare of their pet and offered them exciting ways to fill all their instincts.

Ottawa Natural museum of history

DNA analyzes show that it is a dog in question and not a wolf, and this dog was fed with an interactive bowl from Aïkiou of first generation that was carved in the raw stone with a very sharp bone.

This great discovery will change forever how to feed our dogs and proves how much our animals have a large natural need to find food during the meal.

The bones of this old dog first 16,500 years and its bowl carved in stone were purchased by the government and are going to be exposed on April fools day to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa in the fossil gallery.