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[box_title subtitle=”CREATED BY A VETERINARIAN TECHNICIAN” subtitle_font_size=”16″ font_size=”40″ font_alignment=”left” border=”none” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”fadeInDown”]OUR STORY[/box_title]

Back in 2008, Kathleen Desrosiers designed what would become the first dog interactive feeder or dog puzzle feeder if you’d like.  It was created out of necessity after we sold our dog boarding.  Our Golden Retriever was getting bored waiting for us at home and became a destructive dog.  After a long search for alternative and being a veterinarian technician, she became interested in behavioural enrichment and designed a few prototypes.

And the first dog interactive feeder was created.

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[box_title subtitle=”PREVENT DOG AND CAT OBESITY” subtitle_font_size=”16″ font_size=”40″ font_alignment=”right” border=”none” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”fadeInDown”]OUR MISSION[/box_title]

With dog and cat obesity problems reaching new highs, we quickly found out that our products were helping pets stay healthy and in shape both physically and mentally.  With its many openings, these puzzle feeders are really helpful when it come stop slowing down ingestion.  This is perfect for dogs and cats who eat too fast and have digestive or or weight issues.

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[box_title subtitle=”KIDS AND DOGS” subtitle_font_size=”16″ font_size=”40″ font_alignment=”left” border=”none” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”fadeInDown”]HUMANIMO FOUNDATION[/box_title]

Since 2008, we worked toward one goal only.  Helping people and children have a better relation with their pets, both dogs and cats.  The Humanimo Foundation was created in 2014.  It produce and supply literature for family and schools in order to teach children how to behave around dogs in order to help prevent dog bites.

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