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In 2008, Kathleen Desrosiers, an animal health technician, founded Aïkiou. After giving birth to her daughter Joany, she realized she was running out of time to take care of Sumo, our Golden Retriever. As he began to show signs of boredom, he had to find something to occupy and prolong his meal while making it fun seemed the best idea. So she started working with specialists to create a bowl that would occupy him that would also correspond to how he would eat in nature. Given the enthusiasm of veterinarians for the solution, what was a solution for our family became a product, then a category of products recommended by most veterinarians.

Kathleen Desrosiers

Enriching dog lives since 2008

Our history

Now I'll let you in on a little secret

Aïkiou is a small company, actually a small family own company owned by me and my wife. We started it because we had a problem with our own dogs. We don't have the marketing ressources that most big companies have but everything we have, we put it on supplying you with only the best quality products we can come up with. We make sure the materials we use are only human food grade so we keep our pets and yours out of harms way. But being a small company like ours is also an advantage. We can do much better and still make products which are competitive in this market. So buying a product forms means you have the same quality you would ask of a company for your childrens for your pets. And that's our promise.

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