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When Aïkiou was first developped in 2008, it was then the first dog interactive feeder. It came out of the crazy idea that pets should work for their food. At the time it was first released, the Aïkiou was quite an innovation. With it's turning wheel, it's sliding parts, it made dinner fun for the first time for dogs. 12 years later, it's time for a new start, new products, new team. We're happy to serve you as part of our family.

The Aïkiou team

Introducing the Aïkiou dog puzzle feeder

Recommended by veterinarians for its many features including high quality and human food grade materials.

Feeders and toys to make your pet smart

Celebrating 10 years of history

Providing a food research activity to our animals reduces various problems such as anxiety, weight gain and digestive disorders. Since most animals today are more sedentary, it is essential to provide them with a period of work at meals in order to spend their surplus energy.

Award winning

Recognized for the quality of its products, Aïkiou has won several awards including Dr Marthy Beckers Best in Show at Global Pet Expo, one of the biggest pet show in the United-States.

environmentally friendly

We take great pride in choosing only high quality materials. All our plastics are human food grade and free of contaminants like BPA and BHT who could harm your loved ones.

Pet specialists approuved

All our products are tested by veterinarians and pet specialists from around the world to make sure the respond to the needs of each species. We work with them to design and create useful and beautiful pet products.

Designed by renowned pet behaviourist kathleen desrosiers

For the last 10 years, she has been designing new ways to keep our pets busy while eating so that your pets have something to do while you're at work.

Pet behaviourist

Celebrating 10 years of collaboration with pet specialists and veterinarians

Provider of unique pet products for veterinary practicians, pet behaviourists, breeders and their customers.

What they say about us

Aikiou pet products

For the active pet

Get the full benefits of a healthy meal with Aïkiou pet slow feeders. Designed to keep your pet active during mealtime and playtime, these will help your pet stay healthy by providing a fun and interactive play time.

introducing the Thin Kat puzzle feeder

Designed to keep cats entertained during mealtime, the Thin Kat helps cats eat more slowly and digest better. It's unique design make it fun for cats to search for their food. unlike dogs, cats love to use their paws to catch their food as they are more manual.

Cat puzzle feeder

Thin Kat Interactive Feeder

Play and find your food hidden in this plant

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part of your pets life for 10 years

Since the launch or our first pet interactive feeder back in 2008 many medias have been talking about Aïkiou. We are glad to be on the forefront on developing new solutions to help cats and dogs life a more natural and healthy life.

Aikiou dog interactive feeder and dog toys

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