a canadian pet supplies manufacturer

For 10 years, Aïkiou has been designing and manufacturing unique pet supplies for independent pet stores and distributors.  Our network includes local and franchise pet stores including veterinarians.


searching for food helps them stay occupied and out of trouble


playing with their food helps them stay active and healthy


helps them maintain a healthy weight and digestion

“Cats were never designed to sit at an endless open buffet.”

Dr Marty Becker, Good Morning America

What is Aïkiou?

Aïkiou is derived from the term ‘IQ’. We design pet supplies which use pets natural tendency to search for food.  We then use it to entertain them during their meals which slows them down and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

be different, eat with your paws

Cats normally use their paws to get access to their food.  The Thin Kat is a new way for indoor cats to explore their nature.  They can search for their food and play with it.  The rubber leaves hide the food when dispersed on the base and the adjustable tubes lets them exercise their talents.

a healthy mind in a healthy body

Providing a food research activity to our animals reduces various problems such as anxiety, weight gain and digestive disorders. Since most animals today are more sedentary, it is essential to provide them with a period of work at meals in order to spend their surplus energy.

Cats dig our feeders

They can search for food

Cats can use their paws to look for food hidden under the leafs

Your pet deserves the best

We only use human food grade plastic in our feeders

Designing pet products for 10 years

Owns the first patent for dog interactive feeder

Find a distributor and wholesaler

Aïkiou ships and sell products on 5 continents

veterinarians have talked about Aïkiou products for many years

Aïkiou feeder can help reduce weight issues in dogs and cats

Because we love being different

That’s why they talk about us

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