• Cats were never designed to sit at an endless open buffet,” he said, rejoicing that these feline “hunters” have to “think and work to get the food out of this product’s tubes—one piece at a time.

    Dr Marthy Becker Good Morning America
  • I am pleased with this product. My cat has adjusted to this feeding style and it has slowed down her eating. This was the purpose of getting it. It also acts as more entertainment. I am also impressed with the ease of cleaning it. The only thing I didn't plan on was needing something to go under the feeder to keep the floor somewhat clean. A towel was a quick fix.

    By Kara from Santa Rosa, CA
  • As I suspected, this has been wonderful for my 5 Siamese cats and one Havana Brown. They used to eat their kibble WAY too fast and one cat in particular would vomit at least once daily. Now that is a thing of the past. Over-eating is virtually impossible with this feeder and they also seem to enjoy hooking out a piece of kibble before eating it. BTW I did not have to move up in stages to the full "build" The Siamese got it in about 30 seconds flat!

    By Caroline Snyder from Summersville, WV
  • My cats would eat all their food for each feeding time within 5 minutes of feeding, with this feeder I can put the food in it and they will eat slower and only when they get hungry! Has reduced the amount of times I have to clean up throw up from eating too fast by a significant amount.

    By Paul from Atlanta, GA
  • Love the product my two cats got used to it very quickly and it helped one of them ftom quickly eating her food then getting sick  

    By Kirk from Las Vegas Nevada
  • My cat Jade eats like she has never been feed before and will never see food again. I was hoping she would "outgrow' this way of eating however I have had her for 18 months and no change. I was really happy when I stumbled across your feeder while surfing the Internet. There are lots of resources for dogs who eat quickly but nothing that would work for my cat. I love how she needs to work to get her food and thus it slows her down just a little bit. She is getting really good at removing more than one piece of food at a time but it slows her down enough so my other two cats get enjoy their food. I hope you continue to develop a few more options for cats as I would like to keep challenging her. I have already referred a coworker to your product and they are also happy with their results. My only request would be to have a weighted bottom as Jade loses food underneath and almost tips it over to get the food. I am worried she will figure this out eventually and just knock the feeder over and have easy access to her food.  

    By Soccer gal from Edmonton, AB. Canada
  • My cat is very funny to watch when it eats. It is perfect to control the quantity of food.

    By julie from quebec
  • My cat loves this even more than I thought he would. I put treats in every tube along with a mouse in each of the three bigger tubes. He can hardly wait to fish out the treats. He does so pretty quickly and asks for more. He even plays with his toy mice more. I recommend this for every cat owner. I will probably be getting more of these as gifts for my cat loving friends and relatives.  

    By 3gfinn from Phoenix, Az
  • We have a food obsessed cat who would, quite literally, spend most of the time between meals howling for food. Nothing we tried helped and we were getting pretty desperate for peace and quiet. This seems to have done the trick. She's an evil genius so it took her just a couple of minutes to figure out what to do. Within days she could get all of her food out pretty quickly. The short tubes are fine for the first day or for "special" cats but I think, on average, it would be better if it just had all - or mostly - long tubes right from the start. The good news is that she isn't gobbling up her food in 10 seconds or constantly begging for more. No more howling! YAY!  

    By Enjoy the Silence from Ottawa ON, Canada
  • No more purging after years of vet trips, meds and changing foods. Entertaining for my now happy girl. She mastered the tubes within a week to my surprise, longer tubes should be standard. I already need a product "update", I must feed more often with smaller amounts until longer tubes are installed, with her constant begging! Good updates via e-mail to let me know the status of shipping and projected delivery. All around good experience and education on a great product, why didn't I think of this? Looking at the dog interactive feeder and benefits it could do for my old Lab after my old, fat cat proved how quickly the feeders can be effective and mastered. Had to free choice her or she would purge upon feeding, hence the "fat" cat. Older pets need the activity the feeders provide to improve their quality of life. Thanks!

    By Russ the Dog Whisperer from North central Pennsylvania
  • The cat seems to enjoy getting his snacks from this toy more than from a pile on the floor. It takes him awhile to go through all of the cups so he stays interested.

    S. Reese
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