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A tube feeder that was designed as one of the best cat interactive feeder

Helps weight control and helps your cat rediscover his true nature

The stimulo has 9 different opening that are adjustable with different tube lengths.  This procures a natural game for cats like searching for a mouse in it\’s hole.  This is also perfect to reduce cats vomiting problems by reducing speed of ingestion.

The idea behind the Stimulo:

Since the beginning, the cat is a hunter.  This cat tube feeder, also know as the Stimulo cat interactive feeder helps cats rediscover their True Nature.  It is designed to help cats maintain a healthy activity level with its many opening where you can spread and hide the food.  You cat will be able to explore its instinct and search for food.

Cat interactive feeder benefits:

Procures a positive activity
Helps to reduce cat food ingestion
Lowers cat vomiting problems

MSRP: $24,95

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A positive activity

Cats are really active and likes to hunt.  To have an activity to do during mealtime is not only good for his mental health but also perfect to prevent health and weight problems.

Prevent weight problems

Today, 67% of household cats have weight or digestive problems.  That\’s why the professionals recommend using an interactive feeder to prevent issues related to over feeding in cats.

Innovating and healthy

With a new base easier to clean and new features like new tubes, the Stimulo new stunning design is even better than ever and your cat will love it even more.

How does a cat tube feeder works

  • Think

    Your cat needs to use his senses and think to solve the game

  • Play

    your dog needs to solve the puzzle feeder thus, spending his energy

  • Find

    Using his paws , he needs to reach inside the tubes to get access to the food

  • Eat his food

    This will give him access to his food or treats that are hidden inside

  • Relax

    Spending his energy on food search can help with relaxation and reduce unwanted behaviour

Hunting is part of cats true nature. Searching in a Stimulo is like searching for a mouse in its hole

As seen in Purina One TV commercials

Now on the market since 2010, the Stimulo is seen in many magazines and even in TV commercials such as Purina One True Nature of cats TV commercials.  He has also won Dr Marthy Becker Best in show award in 2012 as the Best in Show at Global pet expo.

A solution to a growing problem

In the last few years, cat weight problems have become an issue.  Solving these problems is one of AiKiou goals.  Using an interactive cat feeder can enhance your cats life and the fact that he needs to search for his food will greatly lower his speed of ingestion and help lower his weight and anxiety.  Unfortunately, we have forgotten that cats have natural needs, food search being one of them.  This is also a positive activity that helps with self esteem and helps your cats rediscover his true nature by hunting and searching for his meal.

En apprendre plus

Finally a feeder designed for cats by cats lovers.

A solution for your cats weight problems and a recommended positive activity.

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