HOW CAN WE help?

First, let’s answer why we help

Many people dont know about this but the Aïkiou (pronounced “IQ”) was created for a shelter dog.


We adopted Sumo as he was already 7 years old.  At the moment, we were proud owners of a dog boarding back in 2002.  We decided to sell that boarding when we decided to have a family.  And Sumo, who was coming to work every day for 5 years with us had to stay back home while when we started our new jobs.


So my wife Kathleen started to work on 2 different projects.  One to alleviate stress and separation anxiety for our dog Sumo and another to help children learn more about how they should behave around dogs.


So she started to learn about behaviour and toys and production and moulds and made the Aikiou we know today.  Thats why shelters are so important to us.  We strongly believe that our products can help prevent bad behaviours and reduce the need to result to surrendering a dog to a shelter due to behavioural problems.

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How about a system that is fair

As our resources are limited as a family company, we had to think about a different model in order to help more people and make a difference. By setting up an affiliate system , we can ensure that the redistribution of the amounts that we collect with your help is just and fair.

2 different ways to participate

OK, so you work at a shelter

As most shelters are also working with local stores, here’s the idea . To join all stores , we need people to work with us. But who is better than you to help us. You already talk with the owners and have a relationship with them. Introduce us and we will pay 5% of their purchases for your refuge as a commission for as long as you shelter exists.  This money will help you fund future operations.  We know it isn’t much but it can help make a difference.

OK, so you know about the Web and Social Medias

So this is perfect for your organization. As silly as it may seem, Facebook and other social media cost a fortune in advertising. So honestly, I prefer to work as much as possible with shelters and pay 10% of sales to these shelters who want to work with us.

Why as affiliate ? Because it seemed right for us and it ensures for all participants a fair and efficient method of redistribution.

Step 1.

Register your shelter with us

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Step 2.

Download your link

Step 3.

Place the link on your website or share with your Facebook friends and get 10% of every customers sale you refer to us


Other projects

Because we care

Amongst others, we created a new line designed to help raise funds for Mira Foundation who raise dogs for children with autism and blind people.

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