A dog is digging in the Aikiou

All the advantages of an interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder.

Invented in 2008 by a Canadian vet technician, the Aikiou puzzle feeder combines both an interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder.  Its patented design is one of the best on the market.  It is so efficient than even Zoos are using it for behavioural enrichment purpose.

What’s inside.

More then a dog slow feeder, the Aïkiou or “IQ” as it is pronounced, is a puzzle feeder where you can hide your dogs food.  Many people dont know that dogs are used to burry part of their catch after hunting their prey.  This is why dogs like to dig so much.  With this dog puzzle feeder, your dog will eat at a slower pace and express their natural needs.

Aikiou closed specifications of this dog slow feederAikiou opened specifications of this dog slow feeder

Here’s how it works.

You just need to hide the food in the 14 different compartments.  your dog will need to use his paws in order to “dig” to find the hidden food.  This will slow your dogs eating speed and have him “work” for his food.  This makes lunch time much more fun for him.

See the different components of the Aikiou dog slow feeder

A real challenge.

Intellectual activity requires 6X more energy than physical activity.  But we know your dog is a genius so you can adjust the Aikiou (IQ) dog puzzle feeder.  Using treats to block the carousel, your dog need to remove the treats to let it turn.  Also, a unique system lets you adjust the movement of the toecaps by just removing and rotating them.

How to adjust the Aikiou dog slow feeder difficulty level.

Size matters.

Find aikiou dog puzzle feeder dimension
Dimension of the aikiou dog interactive feeder

Some Key Features


Your dog must first learn and search for his food making it fun to discover.

Dig in

Your dog has to move the lid like digging in the yard to get access to food


Like a search dog, smell of the hidden food will trigger his senses.


While small, openings are made so he will use his tongue and eat slower.

Weight Control

Your dog will learn to eat at a slower pace and get more healthy.

Dog bloating problem

Bloating is due to your dog eating too rapidly and can be reduced using a dog slow feeder.


Global Pet Expo Marty Becker award

Aikiou (IQ) was proud recipient of the prestigious Marty Becker award.  Amongst all, Aïkiou products where recognized as Best Product of The Year.  It was chosen for the many advantages it supplies and many health benefits including helping with weight control.


Kathleen Desrosiers

Founder and inventor

Out of necessity, Kathleen Desrosiers, a veterinarian technician and founder of Aikiou Company designed the first Aïkiou dog puzzle feeder.  Back in 2008, our dog was staying at home and developed bad behaviour out of boredom and needed a positive activity to do.

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The idea behind is simple

If our dog needed to work more for his food, he would spend more time doing this instead of chewing our stuff.  Simple idea but really effective when you think about it.

Working for his food would make him spend more time eating then using a dog slow feeder which would be better for his health.  He would need to dig for his food which is natural for dogs.

This would result in a dog being more balanced with less weight problems.  And since he had hips dysplasia, we wanted to prevent him gaining weight.

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