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AiKiou is Proudly Canadian

More than a slow feeder

If you are looking for something to make your dog happy and healthy, this is the product for you.

Look for our Junior edition

Smaller but as efficient.  The Junior will make your dog work for his food.  A great way to stay fit!

New, improved dog balls

Available in 3 sizes, these balls are made to entertain small and big dogs in need of activity.

Fun and entertaining

Made out of a proprietary rubber.  This ball texture is both resistant to tear and flexible.

Throw, fetch, floats…

This stick is perfect for your dog.  You can throw it anywhere you want.  And it floats!

Why choose AïKiou?

AïKiou name comes from the phonetic “IQ” and develops intellectual games for animals.  Every bowl is based on behavioural enrichment and studies done around the world by renowned behaviourists.  They help reduce anxiety and support a better health by reducing weight problems in dogs and cats.  We are a privately own family company with a simple goal.  Help pets live a better life and grow the bond between humans and animals through fun games.

6 MO

To get fit


Cat toys like you have never seen before…

AïKiou Line

The new generation of dog slow feeders…

Why use an interactive feeder

  • Our pets like to play

    Pets have the habit of playing with their food. It is therefore quite normal for them to use interactive bowls and work for their meal.

  • Slow ingestion down

    The fastest way to slow your pet during his meal. Those bowls of food will allow your pet to eat slower and digest better while searching for food.

  • Reduce weight problems

    To maintain recommended weight, it is recommended to add a foraging activity. This allows for better digestion and thus a healthy weight.

  • Keep your pet healthy

    Mix games and meals allows the cat to eat smaller portions, which is recommended by veterinarians to keep the mental and physical health.


In nature, cats and dogs need to devote part of their lives to search for food.  Reproducing this activity with their feeder helps reduce anxiety and enhance their lives.


Having an activity to do during mealtime like a food puzzle can reduce cats and dogs speed of ingestion. It’s a first step to help reduce digestive problems and weight problems.


We only use first quality plastics and materials. Our feeders are made of human food grade plastics free of BPA and BHT. In order to prevent lead poisonning, we do not use paint on our products


For 7 years now and after inventing the first pet interactive feeder.  Our products are now sold online and in store in many countries.  Just visit our store finder to find a store close to you.

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