Dog interactive feeder
Helps digestion
Reduce weight problems

Dog interactive feeder

AiKiou dog feeder
  • Reduce speed of ingestion
  • Promotes healthy activity
  • Helps alleviate boredom

Dog Slow Feeder

AiKiou Junior dog slow feeder
  • Reduce speed of ingestion
  • Promotes healthy activity
  • Helps alleviate boredom

Why choose an interactive feeder?

Slow ingestion down

The fastest way to slow your pet during his meal. Those bowls of food will allow your pet to eat slower and digest better while searching for food.

Promotes a healthy weight

To maintain recommended weight, it is recommended to add a foraging activity. This allows for better digestion and thus a healthy weight.

Keep your pet healthy

Mix games and meals allows the cat to eat smaller portions, which is recommended by veterinarians to keep the mental and physical health.

Our pets like to play

Pets have the habit of playing with their food. It is therefore quite normal for them to use interactive bowls and work for their meal.

Interactive feeder or slow feeder?

There is a big difference between a slow feeder and an interactive feeder.  A slow feeder will mostly be composed of ribs or obstacles to slow the ingestion speed.  An interactive feeder will be built to replicate a natural feeding behaviour.  A dog bowl will hide the food so that the dog will use his nose and paws to get to his food and a cat feeder will entice them to discover and use their paws to get the food.

Want to learn more ?

Get the study from the ASPCA about interactive feeders essentials.


In nature, cats and dogs need to devote part of their lives to search for food.  Reproducing this activity with their feeder helps reduce anxiety and enhance their lives


Having an activity to do during mealtime like a food puzzle can reduce cats and dogs speed of ingestion.  It’s a first step to help reduce digestive problems and weight problems.


We only use first quality plastics and materials.  Our feeders are made of  human food grade plastics free of BPA and BHT.  In order to prevent lead poisonning, we do not use paint on our products


For 7 years now and after inventing the first pet interactive feeder.  Our products are now sold online and in store in many countries.  Just visit our store finder to find a store close to you.


The first interactive feeder developed

The sense of smell is crucial for a dog.  If there is food hidden, they like to search for the source of the odor.

    • Reduce speed of ingestion
    • Promotes a healthy activity
    • Prevent weight problems

good words. good people.

  • Cats were never designed to sit at an endless open buffet,” he said, rejoicing that these feline “hunters” have to “think and work to get the food out of this product’s tubes—one piece at a time.

    Dr Marthy Becker
    Dr Marthy BeckerGood Morning America
  • As I suspected, this has been wonderful for my 5 Siamese cats and one Havana Brown. They used to eat their kibble WAY too fast and one cat in particular would vomit at least once daily. Now that is a thing of the past. Over-eating is virtually impossible with this feeder and they also seem to enjoy hooking out a piece of kibble before eating it. BTW I did not have to move up in stages to the full "build" The Siamese got it in about 30 seconds flat!

    By Caroline Snyder from Summersville, WV
  • We have a food obsessed cat who would, quite literally, spend most of the time between meals howling for food. Nothing we tried helped and we were getting pretty desperate for peace and quiet. This seems to have done the trick. She's an evil genius so it took her just a couple of minutes to figure out what to do. Within days she could get all of her food out pretty quickly. The short tubes are fine for the first day or for "special" cats but I think, on average, it would be better if it just had all - or mostly - long tubes right from the start. The good news is that she isn't gobbling up her food in 10 seconds or constantly begging for more. No more howling! YAY!  

    By Enjoy the Silence from Ottawa ON, Canada


AïKiou in the medias.

AïKiou has been featured in many magazines around the world.  We first started with a simple idea.  Make people realize that eating the same food from the same bowl everyday would become boring for anyone and any pet.  So we made it fun and got recognized for it.  If you want to learn more about us, follow us in the medias and learn more about why we could be the perfect solution to prevent boredom for your dog or cat.

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