AÏKIOU feeders

and toys

Time to play with your food

If your dog eats too fast or just lack activity during his daily meal, this is the perfect dog bowl for him.  The most attractive dog bowl that you ever saw.

AÏKIOU feeders

and toys

Time to play with your food

If your dog eats too fast or just lack activity during his daily meal, this is the perfect dog bowl for him.  The most attractive dog bowl that you ever saw.

AÏKIOU hamster


Build your own cage

The only cage yo can make your own.  Grow it, change it, build it…

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More than a dog slow feeder

If you are looking for something to make your dog happy and healthy, this is the product for you.


Look for our Junior edition

Smaller but as efficient.  The Junior will make your dog work for his food.  A great way to stay fit!


Dog Maze Feeder HEXA

Up to 3 cups of water and an enhanced challenge for your dogs.  Let him search for his food inside this dog aMAZEing feeder.


Hamster Cage Build Kit

Do your own cage the way you like.  With this system, you can now build, change and enhance your hamster cages.


New, improved dog balls

Available in 3 sizes, these balls are made to entertain small and big dogs in need of activity.

Fun and entertaining

Made out of a proprietary rubber.  This ball texture is both resistant to tear and flexible.

Throw, fetch, floats…

This stick is perfect for your dog.  You can throw it anywhere you want.  And it floats!

Aikiou dog and cat rescue program

The goal of creating the Aikiou was to help dogs spend their time a healthy way to prevent destructive behaviour leading to being abandoned.


Who we are and why?

AïKiou name comes from the phonetic “IQ” and develops intellectual games for animals.  Every bowl is based on behavioural enrichment and studies done around the world by renowned behaviourists.  They help reduce anxiety and support a better health by reducing weight problems in dogs and cats.  We are a privately own family company with a simple goal.  Help pets live a better life and grow the bond between humans and animals through fun games.


Why use an interactive feeder

  • Our pets like to play

    Pets have the habit of playing with their food. It is therefore quite normal for them to use interactive bowls and work for their meal.

  • Slow ingestion down

    The fastest way to slow your pet during his meal. Those bowls of food will allow your pet to eat slower and digest better while searching for food.

  • Reduce weight problems

    To maintain recommended weight, it is recommended to add a foraging activity. This allows for better digestion and thus a healthy weight.

  • Keep your pet healthy

    Mix games and meals allows the cat to eat smaller portions, which is recommended by veterinarians to keep the mental and physical health.

“AiKiou  has redesigned chow time to give pets an intellectual challenge while making sure they don’t eat too fast.”


“AïKiou is giving Sadie a positive activity that will slow the speed of ingestion and will greatly reduce her weight and digestive problems and enhance  her health.”

“The cool people at Aikiou (pronounced IQ) have come up with the ultimate solution for both of your dilemmas – Interactive Slow Feeders!”

Trusted by dog lovers around the world

My dog loves this! I don’t even have to put good treats in it. I can just fill it with his kibble (which he normally leaves in his bowl for a day or so) and he goes absolutely nuts. He has struggled with other puzzles in the past… not understanding how to open/unlock compartments, being frightened by compartments that snap shut, etc. This puzzle is great. He figured it out right away, but it still requires a bit of work on his part.

Bought one of these for my 2 labs. They took over 25 mins to work it out. It’s big enough to fit a whole meal In, and cones with non-slip feet. I’ve had to order another one to stop arguments.

best invention ever….slowed my dog down from 5 seconds to about 2 minutes at first.. she’s figured it out since then though and has gotten faster again.. kind of a pain to fill, but no big deal..

I love this bowl, it’s not much of a challenge for either of my dogs but it does distract them for a while & assist in slowing down & preventing choking while they eat. I am not sure why so many people said this is not for large dogs, even if they can’t fit their muzzle in the small openings they can easily use their tongue.

My pup had to be on bed rest due to an injury for 12 weeks or so (no fun with a 5 month old pit). I decided to try puzzle toys to keep her from going stir crazy. She loved this one and it seemed to be a little more challenging than others. I also like that all pieces stay attched so they can’t get lost or chewed up.

My puppy is enjoying her new dog dish. It was not as challenging for her to learn as I thought it would be.

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