Feed like nature intended

The ideal solution for every dogs and cats.  Wether they have digestive problems, weight problems or just because they need something fun and natural to do, AïKiou feeders are the solution.  Since 2008, our products are recommended by veterinarians as the best feeders for our pets.

What is AïKiou?

For more than 10 years, behaviourist agree that the lack of activity in our household pets can cause behavioural, weight and anxiety problems.


With the release of the first interactive feeder for household pets in 2009, AïKiou (pronounced “IQ”) was starting a revolution in the pet industry.  Our products are now recognized as a must have pet products for all it’s benefits including pet weight and anxiety control and for the way it enriches their lives.

How does an interactive feeder work?


    This feeder replicates natural eating for pets


    Your pet needs to think and search for his food


    They use their paws and nose to get their food like in nature

  • Slows ingestion

    this reduce their ingestion speed helping digestion

Designing dog and cats interactive feeders since 2008

Your cat is a natural hunter.  With this tube feeder, bring back his true nature by getting him a hunting experience.  Like searching for a mouse for him.

    • Reduce speed of ingestion
    • Promotes a healthy activity
    • Prevent weight problems

The first interactive feeder ever invented

Sense of smell is crucial for a dog.  If there is food hidden, they’ll go crazy looking for it.

    • Reduce speed of ingestion
    • Promotes a healthy activity
    • Prevent weight problems

Reduce anxiety in dogs and cats

In nature, cats and dogs need to devote part of their lives to search for food.  Reproducing this activity with their feeder helps reduce anxiety and enhance their lives

Slow your cats and dogs feeding

Having an activity to do during mealtime like a food puzzle reduce cats and dogs speed of ingestion.  This is a good step to help reduce digestive problems and weight problems.

Made from 1st quality products

We only use first quality plastics and materials.  Our feeders are only made of superior human food grade plastics that are BPA and BHT free.  We do not use paint either to prevent risk of lead poisoning.

Best feeder in the world

Since 5 years now and after inventing the first pet interactive feeder.  Our products are now sold online and in store in many countries.  Just visit our store page or visit our distributors page.

A member of your community

For 5 years now, AiKiou has been part of your community.  Since our goal is to help animals in need, helping shelters is natural for us.  That\’s why we regularly donate products to them to prevent boredom for the animals they care for.

Where does the AiKiou comes from?

Developed by Kathleen Desrosiers, a veterinarian technician, the AiKiou (pronounced “IQ”) is a natural way to feed your dogs and cats.  Designed as a slow feeder and a behavioral enrichment device., these feeders will promote a healthy eating habit for your beloved pets helping reduce anxiety and weight problems for your pet.

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