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Just feeding your dog isn’t enough.  The Aïkiou “IQ” was designed to help dogs eat at a slower pace but mostly because it is essential to their wellbeing.

Junior dog slow feeder
Dog puzzle feeder

Why a dog puzzle feeder?

Studies show that pets spend 6X more energy with intellectual than physical activity.  So we designed the Aïkiou feeder in 2008 to get your dog occupied.

Dog Maze HEXA slow feeder

Up to 3 cups of food and an enhanced challenge for your dogs.  Let him search for his food inside this dog aMAZEing feeder.

The best dog slow feeder

Build your own hamster cage

Do your own cage the way you like.  With this system, you can now build, change and enhance your hamster cages.

Hamster habitat

Let your cat become a hunter

Hunting for treats and food is natural for them.  Using the treat mouse from Aïkiou “IQ” to dispense treat and food is the challenge they need to stay alert and healthy.

They are used to use their paws

To catch a mouse or just for fun, cats are really agile with their paws.  they will quickly master this awesome feeder and learn to play again with their food!

Thin cat puzzle feeder
Thin cat feeder

Your cat is a hunter, let him act like one!

Dogs LOVE to dig for their food!

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Why interactive feeders are so important

Think. Play. Eat.

Pets need to experience, sense, feel alive!  Using interactive feeders lets them enjoy their meal, feel healthy and have some fun!

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